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Smartphone macro-videography

Messagede VirginiaJenkins le Sam 31 Mar 2018 - 16:23


Still a good couple of months before any bugs here in Sweden but i have been doing some reading on possibly using a smartphone for macro-videography. I am pondering this as i sold my GH5 camera due to the fact my only interest seems to be to video insects so the camera would be sitting on a shelf like 7months of the year.. Too much waste.
A phone however i would use for a lot of other things and its a lot more portable. I could have it with me on regular walks where i usually find a lot of interesting bugs but don't want to haul a massive setup.
The sensors in new 2018 model phones are very good. Its a whole new generation of sensors and processors that are extremely fast. External lightning is ofc needed to counter the tiny pixel size but there are lithium operated tiny lights i could use. Samsungs new S9 models springs to mind.
I have read about different macro lenses for smartphones but most seems pretty bad. The good ones are half-DIY solutions.
One solution i have seen is to use a microscope eyepiece like an Olympus 10x/22 in front of the smartphone lens. For this a built in 2x optical zoom on the phone is necessary to get rid of vignetting. Most smartphones only have wideangle.
I already bought a Olympus 10x/22 UIS2 eyepiece as it was pretty cheap on ebay. No phone to test it with yet..
Are there any other solutions for macro lens on smartphones i could try that has very good optics for 4K video ? Enough magnification to capture 6mm Jumping spiders up close. Dont know what mag that would translate too..

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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